Support options

Numerous support options are available to registered ColorGATE users, which will be explained below. To get access to all support areas, please log in by clicking on "Login" at the top right of the screen. If you have not yet registered, please first carry out the user registration under "User & Products".

How to get support for your ColorGATE products:

ColorGATE sales partner

Please contact your ColorGATE sales partner first. If the sales partner cannot help, please create a ticket for our websupport.


Here you can create a websupport ticket that will be redirected to the ColorGATE Technical Service Team. In addition, here you get an overview of your current and already closed websupport tickets.

We recommend the websupport as the preferred communication tool with the ColorGATE Technical Service. In this way, you can transmit all information and all necessary data (e.g. the support info file), so that all information is available for the Technical Service and can be processed directly by the appropriate specialist. The entire communication between customer and Technical Service is stored in the websupport ticket and can be reviewed at any time.

Instructions for creating a websupport ticket can be found here.

To create a websupport ticket, please click here.

Please note, that a Value Pack is available for all ColorGATE software solutions. This software maintenance and support contract offers a long-term security for your investment in a ColorGATE software product. All updates and upgrades are included in a yearly fee, so your Printing Software is always up-to-date. Furthermore, all Value Pack licensees will receive preferred treatment in an event of support issues - remote support included - as well as additional benefits when extending their ColorGATE system environment. For more information on Value Packs, please click here.

You can also find further information on your ColorGATE product and answers to possible questions here:

FAQ section

The FAQ section of the ColorGATE website provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Online help and manual

The online help of the ColorGATE Printing Software describes all software functions in a detailed and structured manner. You can use the index or the integrated search function to search directly for a topic. To open the online help, please click on F1 in the program. All content of the online help is also available in the manual, which you can download here in PDF format.

ColorGATE Techblog

The ColorGATE Techblog provides information about technical content, e.g. posts about new functions and user tipps.


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